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Animations for web advertisement

Below is a video with some older animations made in Macromedia / Adobe Flash. Today I'm creating animations in HTML5. There is a huge gallery here.

Dear customer,

If you looking for well animated banners, you can get them right here.

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I do animate banners for years now. I am working fast and effective. Getting a set of banners is very easy. Len me know your idea, and I will send your more informations.

Not only I animate banners, I also designing them. I will prepare several graphics mockups. Than I will send you a storyboard with your header on it. I will add description of design and future animation.

If you already have a design, I will gladly animate it for you.

I will prepare whole set of banners for Google adWords or other platform.

Additionally to animations, you will get static banners (images) too.

I will send you a link with table of all banners, where you can watch (play) them, and download them in zip files.

If you need extra graphics, for example for social networks, I can prepare them too.

I am only specializing on graphics and animations. I do not activate banners on marketing web pages, this task must be done by other member of your team.

Book my services soon.

Best regards

Ondrej Cervenak

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